Health, Safety & Environment

Mincor's Policy in the field of Occupational Health and Safety


Mincor's stakeholders include its shareholders, employees, local residents and the wider community. Mincor recognises its responsibilities to all its stakeholders and will ensure that its Health, Safety and Environmental standards are second to none.


  • Mincor will carry out its business in a responsible manner, and will protect and cherish the natural environment.
  • Mincor will strive to ensure that its employees are protected from all occupational injuries and diseases.
  • Mincor will strive to provide a safe working environment for its employees, will ensure that Health and Safety are management's top priority and that its workforce is fully trained in Health and Safety matters.


Mincor attaches the greatest value to the health and safety of its employees; it is every manager's and supervisor's duty to do everything in his or her power to avert damage, occupational injuries and occupational diseases, and it is also everyone's personal duty to avert damage and occupational injuries and occupational diseases, both in respect of himself or herself and of his or her fellow-workers.