Growth Portfolio

Growing in Nickel

Mincor's goal in its nickel business is to maintain profitable, long-term production from its existing mines while simultaneously growing production through the discovery and development of new mines.

Thus Mincor's Kambalda growth strategy focuses on two core areas - continually replacing existing ore reserves in order to maintain production over the long term, and continually developing and testing exploration targets in order to find and develop new mines.

Over the long term, Mincor believes that it owns enough of the prolific Kambalda Nickel District to allow it to achieve these goals - to sustain existing production levels over the long term, and to grow production through new discoveries.

Mincor's record of replenishing resources and reserves demonstrates the achievability of the Company's goal of long-term production sustainability, with ore reserves having been maintained at three to four years of mine life for the past 13 years.