Regional Nickel Exploration

Mincor has built up an extensive tenement holding in the Kambalda District that is highly prospective for nickel sulphides. Mincor's tenements contain within it half of all the historic production from Kambalda and an estimated 140 km of cumulative strike of the all-important stratigraphic contact where all the nickel sulphide deposits reside. The nickel prospectivity has been further validated with Mincor's recent discoveries at Cassini and Voyce.

Valuable new information gained from Cassini, Burnett, Voyce and Durkin can now be applied to target evaluation studies on a districtwide scale, a process that is ongoing.

North Kambalda Nickel Exploration

Much of the nickel produced from the Kambalda Nickel District comes from just a few very large (>100,000 tonnes) nickel ore bodies, all of which are located around the Kambalda Dome. Mincor’s North Kambalda tenements cover the northern third of this Dome and have produced nickel from seven known ore systems, including Otter Juan, the single biggest producer in the District.

Around two-thirds of the prospective basal contact (the stratigraphic location of all Kambalda’s nickel ore bodies) on Mincor’s North Kambalda tenements have not been drill-tested.

North Kambalda geology

Among the many known targets on these tenements, the area east of Otter Juan and down-dip of Durkin North stands out as possibly one of the most exciting nickel exploration plays in Australia. It was identified through previous conceptual work by Mincor which was followed up by drilling. This work demonstrated the likely presence of a third channel structure, down-dip of the Otter Juan and Long-Durkin channel structures, each of which has produced more than 100,000 tonnes of nickel. Expectations are therefore high that this third structure could be another one of these giant, high-grade ore bodies. However, the depth of drilling required to fully test this thesis has been a significant hurdle over the past few years, in the face of declining nickel prices. The potential future development of the Durkin North ore body, however, could provide good platforms from which to test this outstanding target.

The North Kambalda nickel prospectivity reinforces the value of Mincor's option to restart nickel exploration when prices recover.

Republican Hill Nickel Prospect

Republican Hill is located at the southern end of Mincor’s Bluebush tenement package, a 40-kilometre long zone of prospective basal ultramafic contact. The prospect originated as outcropping gossan on the western slopes of the Republican Hill on mining lease M15/502, and is shown by historic drill testing to be hangingwall nickel sulphides. The all-important basal contact is located to the west of (and just below) the gossan and is obscured at surface by scree deposits.

Subsequent work has extended the area of interest to a roughly 5-km strike length of prospective contact along the south-eastern part of the Republican Hill Anticline, adjacent to a significant magnetic anomaly. Geological mapping has identified localised faulting and folding, much of which is likely to be parasitic to the main anticline, unravelling of which is revealing potential for preservation of mineralised channels within sediment free windows, similar to the location of the Cassini channel.

Southern Bluebush tenements and location of Republican Hill on TM11VD magnetic image